How To Clean a Fireplace Like a Pro

When it comes to home maintenance, the fireplace could be your best friend or worst enemy. Your hearth can be useful for heating the room and getting rid of excess moisture in the air, but its soot build-up can stack up in a day’s time.

In fact, if your fireplace hasn’t been cleaned in years, the soot buildup could cause health problems for you and your inner circle. Cleaning a fireplace the wrong way can damage the structure and put you in a sticky legal situation.

Continue reading to learn how to clean a fireplace like a pro.


Prepare the Fireplace for Cleaning

Preparing your fireplace for cleaning is an important first step. Start by covering the surrounding floor with a drop cloth or tarp to protect it from any debris that may come loose when cleaning.

Secure and cover your flue or damper with a lightweight cloth to keep out any loose soot and ash. Remove any decorations or objects from the mantel, making sure to handle them delicately.

Unplug any electric items, such as lights or fans, before beginning. Finally, use a flashlight to inspect the inner parts of the fireplace and remove any sticks, debris, and animal nests.

Make Sense of Ash and Soot Receptacles

When it comes to fireplaces, one of the key steps in cleaning and maintaining a clean aesthetic is to make sense of ash and soot receptacles. Make sure you have the right attachment choice and that the filter is working to the best of its ability.

Once the ash and soot have been transferred to the receptacle, take it to an environment where it is appropriate to empty the contents. Once the receptacle is empty, use a damp rag and detergent to clean the inside and the outside of the receptacle. Rinse the receptacle and make sure it is completely dry before re-filling.

Utilize the Right Products for the Job

For cleaning products, use a multipurpose cleaner, noting that some cleaners might be suitable to dissolve soot, while others may be better suited to clean mortar or bricks. It’s important to ensure the cleaner is labeled for use on the surface you’re cleaning, and always wear protective gloves.

After the cleaner has been applied, scrub the surface with a scrub brush. Once the cleaning is done, rinse the area thoroughly with a wet towel or sponge.

Finish Off with a Professional Touch

Polish a metal fireplace frame with a specialized polish cleaner or metal wax to give the fireplace a glossy, professional finish. Have the fireplace inspected and serviced to ensure there aren’t any potential risks.

One of the benefits of gas fireplaces includes lower maintenance. With the right cleaning supplies, a few hours of work, and a professional touch, you can ensure your fireplace looks beautiful and runs safely for years to come.


How To Clean a Fireplace Like a Pro


Make the Job Easy by Knowing How to Clean a Fireplace Properly

The fireplace can be one of the areas of the home that you don’t clean regularly. But when you do, you may discover stubborn dirt and dust that can be difficult to remove. However, there is nothing to worry about since this fireplace cleaning guide can surely help you in a great way.

Knowing how to clean a fireplace like a pro can help you tackle the job in no time, and you don’t need to hire a service provider to get the job done for you. So, why wait? Start cleaning today!

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