Best Ways to Clean Your Blinds - The Maids BlogHave you ever watched and thought, what exactly is the function of curtains installed in every home? In addition to aesthetic reasons, objects made from long pieces of cloth that apparently also have other functions.

Some of them are to maintain privacy, block the entry of sunlight into the house, room dividers, and also glass door closers.

At present, other objects named curtains are present in various shapes, colors, and models. Typically, the type of curtain that is widely used by people is curtains with plain shapes with neutral colors, such as gray, white, black, or brown.

This is because the curtains with plain patterns and neutral colors will give a simple impression but still look sweet. So as not monotonous, can be combined with transparent plain curtains. The good choice of window blinds is hissgardiner that so easy to applied in a home. The other best part also billiga hissgardiner off course.

How to treat window blinds that can be practiced

Be careful in choosing the type of window blinds, might damage the aesthetics and state of the house! Find out the best types of window blinds 2020 here!

Window blinds, or roller blinds, are types of curtains that can be rolled up and folded automatically and manually using slings mounted on the sides of the dowel.

Window blinds have many types.

Each type is made of different materials with a unique appearance.

Of all types of window blinds, only 5 you can use to install at home.

Not only judging from the quality and function, some of the window blinds below are indeed much sought after by the wider community!

Before we look at the order in which window blinds are preferred, and before you buy, let’s look at how to treat them first!

Here it is how to treat window blinds that can be practiced:

  • Wipe using a dry cloth to remove dust that adheres to the blinds.
  • Provide a container with a mixture of vinegar and warm water.
  • Take a new, clean cloth and then dip it in the cleaning mixture.
  • Rub gently (especially on wooden window blinds) so that the surface of the blind is not damaged.
  • After cleaning, dry using a clean dry clothing.