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Dustless Blasting is an innovative paint stripping and cleansing device which can put off really any coating from nearly any floor, without growing a large plume of dust.

The Dustless Blaster works through blending water and abrasive in the blast tank. By introducing water, we’re substantially growing the mass and power the gadget is setting out, at the same time as suppressing dust.

Can I lease a Dustless Blasting device?

We do now no longer lease Sablage sans poussière devices, however we will join you with a nearby provider company who can do the process for you.

How good a deal does delivery cost?

If you’re buying from the Online Store, you could see your actual delivery charges at checkout.

Otherwise, please request a quote to peer your actual delivery charges.

Store pickup is likewise to be had for plenty of items. Many of our new enterprise proprietors pick out to choose up the gadget from our production facility in Houston, TX. This is right due to the fact you could keep away from delivery charges and get hands-on training.

What sort of abrasive is used?

For moist blasting, you could use any abrasive so long as it’s miles clean, consistent, and sinks in water. The cheapest and famous desire of media is 40/70 recycled bottle glass. You can buy media within the Online Store, or purchase it domestically to shop on delivery charges.

Our cellular machines also are able to dry blast, for which you could use any media that a conventional dry blaster can use.

Where can I purchase a Dustless Blaster?

You can buy devices and add-ons within the Online Store.

Need greater info? You can request a quote or name us at 713-869-2227 and we’re going to prepare a quote inclusive of delivery and any relevant tax.

What is the Dustless Blasting enterprise opportunity?

The Dustless Blasting enterprise version is simple: you receive a commission to make vintage matters new again.

You’ll carry out a huge sort of cellular paint stripping & cleansing jobs that your network needs, inclusive of automobile restoration, graffiti removal, marine maintenance, and greater.

How do I locate clients?

Our advertising offerings are the high-quality manner to draw new clients and maintain a constant float of labor coming in. more

As the professionals within the floor instruction industry, we recognise and make use of all of the high-quality strategies for selling your precise offerings to your ability clients.

The Premium Online Presence is the among the finest manner to attain heaps of humans to your region thru focused ads, social media, and plenty greater.

Why can’t I use “Dustless Blasting” in my enterprise name?

We determined that once humans used the phrase “Dustless Blasting” in their enterprise name, it was given a touch difficult for their or her ability clients.

We spend hundreds of thousands on having a huge and installed on line presence, so while a person searches for “Dustless Blasting,” they’re much more likely to locate us, instead of their nearby company who stocks an almost equal name. We don’t need to get rid of enterprise from the small nearby guys, so having that tenet in the region enables everybody. more

Read our complete Business Naming Policy or get thoughts on how to call your enterprise.

Of course, you could say matters like “we use Dustless Blasting devices” or “we offer Dustless Blasting offerings.” The simplest region you could’t use the phrases is in your real enterprise name.