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A cylinder lock, also known as a pin tumbler lock, is normally used for locking doors, however, what in case you get yourself locked out and lose your keys. I experimented with my manner round to drill lock cylinder and determined out a few quite beneficial tricks.

How to drill a lock cylinder? You can use a twist bit or spur bit to drill via the keyhole and open it with the use of a slot-head kind screwdriver. To cast off the inner lock parts, you may drill the cylinder lock under the keyhole and open it.

However, there are specific styles of lock cylinders consisting of Euro cylinder lock, Key in Knob lock, and interchangeable center locks. All of those require a specific method as a way to be drilled. So, to make matters extra clear, I even have mentioned every of those individually.

Methods to drill a lock cylinder

1. Drilling via a Euro cylinder lock

Euro cylinder locks are the maximum normally used locks and everybody can get caught with such locked cylinders. Here’s how you may drill a lock cylinder of Euro-kind.

Mark the factor proper under the keyhole with the use of a metallic punch and a hammer.

Take a twist drill bit and use a key to a degree how deep you will drill withinside the cylinder lock. Tape the last decrease aspect of the drill bit and plug it withinside the cordless drill.

Drill via the marked factor till you notice a spring-like pin withinside the drilled hollow. Remove the pin with the use of a screwdriver with a slotted bit. Make certain that the twist bit which you are then used to drilling is large sufficient to cast off the pin without problems.

Continue the drilling procedure till all of the pins are eliminated via way of means of following the above steps. As you’ve got already taped the drill bit, toucan without problems determines out while to prevent drilling.

After eliminating all of the pins, rotate the lock to align the location of pins with the use of a screwdriver.

Insert a flat knife-like metallic withinside the lock and rotate it to unencumber the door.

After unlocking the door, open it and discover the screw that holds the lock sostituire serratura porta blindata da doppia mappa a cilindro europeo withinside the door. Remove the lock from the door and update it with a brand new one.

2. Drilling via specific styles of Yale (Key in Knob – K.I.K.) lock

Yale-kind locks paintings at the mechanism of pin alignment at unique heights. So, you need to discover a manner to interrupt the pins. Pins are located withinside the lock simply under the keyhole. These pins may be damaged via way of means of drilling proper into them, check how you may do that.


Hold the lock in a screw wrench or location it someplace wherein it doesn’t circulate even as drilling.

Use a multipurpose drill bit to drill properly under the keyhole.

While drilling, in case you see the drill bits jerking, recognize that the pin is damaged.

Continue the drilling procedure until all the pins are damaged.

Open the lock with the use of a screwdriver.

3. Drilling a deadbolt lock

Drilling a deadbolt lock is less complicated than you would possibly think, it best calls for you to have a drill bit large sufficient to shape the sizes of the screws connected to the deadbolt lock. Here are the easy steps you may follow.

Start drilling a hollow at every aspect of the keyhole.

Drill till you discover the screws.

When you’ve got drilled 1/2 of the manner via the screws, the deadbolt lock needs to come off without problems.

Push again the screws and strive to start the door.

4. Drilling a tubular lock

Now, when you have a tabular lock and were given yourself locked with it. There’s no want to fear as I even have a quite easy drilling trick to get it unlocked.

Instead of the use of a hammer, use a drill that might shape the center key hollow and begin drilling into it.

After an even as you’ll see that the keyhole is drilled entirely.

You can use a flashlight to peer if it desires any more drilling.

Next, take some other drill a little bit of extra length than the preceding one and start drilling again. This time, you’ll see that the lock is damaged and the door may be opened.

test out the video for higher understanding.

5. Drilling an arcade sport cylindrical lock

An arcade sport lock may be without problems damaged via way of means of drilling via it the use of the hammering movement and a multipurpose drill bit. The concept at the back of that is that those locks include a huge screw on the again stop as a way to maintain the lock and also you want to drill all of the manners via that screw to get it damaged. Click here

Wondering that the lock might be completely damaged? Don’t fear, as those are a number of the cheapest locks available and you may without problems get a brand new one.