A black ranch style bungalow in California

A black ranch style bungalow in California

1960s style bungalows offer up a multitude of possibilities for renovators, and here at Design Hunter we’ve long harboured the idea of taking on this type of project ourselves one day. Frequently located on generously sized plots (a rarity here in the UK), and with the potential to create spacious open plan layouts, they have many of the features we are looking for in the post pandemic home.

Renovated during the midst of the pandemic by Carlos Naude and Whitney Brown of design and interior company Working Holiday Studio, this 1960s ranch style bungalow located in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles has been skilfully updated to create a contemporary living space. Let’s escape to sunny California and take a tour!

A black ranch style bungalow in California

The home spreads out over the plot with a low pitched tiled roof and a large verandah extending along one side, the all black exterior lending it a sense of solidity and camoflaging any details that might detract from the overall concept.

Inside the kitchen space and dining room have been opened up to bring more light into the interior. The Basis kitchen by Reform – a design inspired by 1960s Scandinavian architect kitchens – brings a clean, simplicity to the space with its streamlined design and milled in handles. Reform cabinetry was also chosen for the bathroom concept where oak Frame cabinets by Note Design Studio have been used with contrasting terrazzo tops.

The result? A calm, serene contemporary home that fuses influences from Scandinavian and Japanese design, with a hint of Mexico.

Contemporary kitchen by Reform

Living room with rust corner sofa

The kitchen like the rest of the house was meant to feel very calming and zen. Everything needs to flow and work well in order to achieve that feeling.

— Whitney & Carlos – Working Holiday Studio

Contemporary kitchen with a coffee maker

Ranch style bungalow in California

Green tiled bathroom

Minimalist style bedroom



Project Credits – Design by Working Holiday Studio. Photography by Carlos Naude.

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